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ZochNet, Broadwaves and the City of Burton


Since the storm on Sunday, July 26, on which lightening burned all of ZochNet’s  equipment and all other providers on the Burton Water tower, there have been numerous “stories” told by one of ZochNet’s competitors, Broadwaves, of them not being allowed on the Water Tower to repair their equipment…ZochNet is being blamed.  

Here is the real story:

            Broadwaves water tower contract was up for renewal with the City of Burton. The City did not renew the agreement with Broadwaves. The City did award a contract to ZochNet because they not only are going to provide Fixed wireless, but also invest several hundred thousand dollars in our small city to bring FTTH/B.   Consequently, ZochNet won the exclusive use of the water tower because they did not want other companies working around the expensive equipment with it being such a considerable investment.    

The city notified Broadwaves that they would have to move their equipment off of the Tower to another location.  Broadwaves was looking for places to set up a new tower elsewhere to continue offering service.  They were given notice of the termination of their contract by Certified Mail dated March 11, 2020 and where given until May 31st to remove their equipment from the tower. They did nothing, and then ZochNet gave them additional time (until June 30th) to remove their equipment.   Broadwaves chose to do nothing, ZochNet did not do anything to their equipment, and when the storm burned up all the equipment, Broadwaves was not prepared…and no they cannot put up new equipment on the water tower. Broadwaves has had several months to set their equipment up elsewhere and chose not to do it. Broadwaves is misrepresenting to their customers as to what really happened.    

They were supposed to move their equipment by the end of June and they have done nothing.    Another untruth that the City has been told is circulating is that “the City won’t allow them to set up in the city limits”…this is completely not true!